The Salon In Chinatown

Posted by Arthur on February 22, 2014
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I recently went in to this therapeutic message center in Chinatown. I had heard from a few friends that they use ancient Chinese methods to rejuvenises and refresh you. The atmosphere was not the most appealing as I entered through the door of this salon, but none the less I was greeted with a hello, and led into the backroom where the action would take place. I asked for the full package, knowing that my stress levels had been through the roof the last few months working at my new job as a customer service rep. for Comcast. It started off with a soothing massage which was quite enjoyable, but then out of nowhere I felt a sharp prick! I had been punctured by a needle for my masseuse was using an ancient Chinese acupuncture Manchester technique! I quickly ran out of the salon, never to look back. I have decided that I will just stick to regular messages from here on out.

An Interesting And Informative Conversation

Posted by Arthur on January 26, 2014
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My mother and I never became close until one warm Sunday evening when we talked after a church service she’d dragged me and my little brother to. After the service, we all sat around the kitchen table eating a huge cheesecake she’d purchased for us to eat. Once she began slicing it, she asked me how my courses were going and I said that I liked them all except for a boring geography class I had to take. Nodding and smiling once I uttered this statement, she informed me that she disliked geography as well. When I asked why, she stated that she’d failed her first geography quiz on account of the fact that she’d given the wrong definition for the word rock salt. After that, she had always felt inferior and intimidated when she went into the classroom. Ever since she opened up about the matter, I’ve loved her.

My Home Building Experience

Posted by Arthur on January 03, 2014
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I recently finished building my own home. It was a great experience and I feel very accomplished with what I was able to do. The first thing I had to do was get my land prepared for my home. I had to get some trees removed and the ground level before I was able to start with the building process.

Once everything was ready and my planned was drawn up, it was time to get to work on the home. I had to start with the groundworks before I could put up any walls. I had to ensure that all drains were done and in place, then put down a concrete slab, and ensure everything was level. This was what I considered the hardest part. I had to ensure it fit to my plan accordingly.

The next thing I focused on was the structure and getting the walls up. Then it was time for the roof, utilities, and placement for everything. It was a lot to consider and come up with when it came to the design. I think building my own home was the best thing I could of ever done. It was a lot of steps and is mind boggling at time, but completely worth it in the end. If I had to start the whole process over, I would definitely do it again. I’ve learned a lot from the entire process.

Thinking outside the box

Posted by Arthur on December 24, 2013
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Other than her experience with Internet browsing Stacy knew nothing about how a website was put together. Her friend Rob shared the fact that he used website templates to publish his websites, however that was the limit of her experience. It was a surprise to her friends when Stacy informed them that she starting a job with a cheap seo company.

Good graphic designers are not the easiest employees to come by and the only way they turn up is when someone shows them that they are talented. The field of web development and design is one that is in demand though which makes it a good place to get started.

Anyone searching for gainful employment will find that careers in anything website related will pay off, the only thing needed is the right amount of training. So when Stacy decided to accept the job offer she knew exactly what she was doing.

Create your own English style garden

Posted by Arthur on December 17, 2013
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If you’ve always wanted an English style garden, they’re not difficult or expensive to create. I created my own with the use of green screens, some typical English flowers and a pretty rock garden.

I started out online looking at photographs of typical English gardens. I then headed to my local garden center where I chose a green screen or instant hedge that, if you pick the right ones, are perfectly British in how they grow. I picked out a a few pallets of privet saplings, which I then took home and planted all around the garden to create my very own private sanctuary. I also bought flowers.

I then chose an area of the yard and created a rock garden, piling up soil to create small mounds, and placing rocks and flowers all the way through it. I finally added roses, daffodils and pansies and my English garden was complete.